Project Results

The Project has developed two Project Results

MyPath: Training Kit for Trainers

1. MyPath Training Kit for Trainers

It is a sectoral handbook, comprising four blocks:
Block 1: Models for career developing
Block 2: Labour market related skills and competences
Block 3: Models for emotional intelligence
Block 4: Developing/improving cognitive skills

Each training block is intended to ensure specific learning outcomes with knowledge, skills and competencies that enable the participants to enlarge their professional as well as socio-cultural spectra and expertise.

Mypath mentoring sessions + Role Model Videos

2. Mentoring Sessions +
Role Model Videos

The project aims to acquire 5 female mentors in each country, who will consult and support migrant and ethnic minority women (min. 200 women). Moreover, the mentors can also become role models for the newcomers. They will share their knowledge and experience through a personal approach, combining hand-on examples and story-telling.

Additionally, the project produced “Role Model Videos” with the participant skilled migrant and ethnic minority women whereby they will share to what extent the programme supported their goals and expectations.