Mentoring Sessions

To facilitate the entry into labour market for qualified women with migration and/or ethnic minority background we are planning to offer them mentoring sessions which will begin already in January. The Mentors will consult and support the target group through a personal and distinct approach, combining hand-on examples and story-telling. These will enable communication among the migrant and ethnic minority women among themselves as well as with mentors and locals, exchange of ideas and experience, and/or perhaps partnerships, networking and employment opportunities.

#MyPath Training Activities

We are happy to announce that our tailor made Training Kit for Trainers is now ready and waiting for testing. The Kit is topped with subject-relevant insights, latest innovative trends and interactive learning-teaching methods. From 09.01.2023-13.01.2022, the trainers from the participating institutions will participate in Learning/Teaching/Training to get acquainted but also the quality and relevance of the developed material and models. The event will empower and sensitize the participants regarding the support, strategies and insight that migrant women may need for the entry to the labour market.

2nd Transnational Meeting

From 07.09.2022-08.09.2022, the partners had their second transnational meeting in Vienna, Austria. During the 2-day event partners reviewed the so far achieved results, finalisation of the Training Kit for Trainers, as well as planned the next steps for launching Mentoring Sessions as well as Role Model Videos

Project Flyer available

The Project Flyer is now available - first in english.
Other languages will follow soon.

2022 March - Kick-off meeting

From 10.03.2022 – 11.03.2022 in Bochum, Germany was the Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ co-funded project MyPath. Gewerkstatt had the pleasure to host the representatives from the other partnering institutions - Mindshift Talent Advisory lda (Portugal), Best Institut fur berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining Gmbh (Austria), and Balgarski fond za zhenite (Bulgaria). During two working days the partners discussed all relevant administrative tasks, action plan as well as the best modes to ensure high-qualits results.