MyPath Career planning - inclusion of well and/or higher qualified migrant women.

The Erasmus+ co-funded project MyPath has started its journey on 01.11.2021 and will last till 31.10.2023. The Project Coordinator is QBS Gewerkstatt gGmbH, Germany. The other partners of the consortium are Mindshift Talent Advisory lda (Portugal), BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining Gmbh (Austria), and Balgarski fond za zhenite (Bulgaria). MyPath focuses on capacity building and empowerment of skilled migrant and ethnic minority women in the VET sector. Our project aims to diminish the skill shortage of qualified migrant and ethnic minority women in the VET sector without re-skillings and large investments, boost their employability chances and employment rate in their fields of expertise, ensure their sustainable income and socio-cultural and economic integration into hosting countries.


Project Partners

The project consortium is made up of four organizations from four different countries. QBS Gewerkstatt from Germany, BEST from Austria, Mindshift from Portugal and Bulgarian fund for women from Bulgaria.


The Project will develop two Project Results

MyPath: Training Kit for Trainers
Role model video: Mypath mentoring sessions


Invitation to the MyPath Multiplier Event
"Career Planning: Inclusion of Well and/or Higher Qualified Migrant Women into the Labor Market", 26.10.2023

We hereby cordially invite you to the specialist conference of the MyPath project, focused on Inclusion of Well and/or Higher Qualified Migrant Women into the Labor Market" on the premises of QBS Gewerkstatt gGmbH. This conference marks the culmination of our collaborative efforts and aims to showcase the achievements, best practices, and outcomes of the project.

Final Conference in Bochum 20th September 2023

From fostering international collaborations to breaking cultural barriers, we've made significant strides in our journey towards empowering migrant women! ✨

✅ Refined Training Kit developed ✅ Witnessed incredible mentoring success stories and role model videos ✅ Successfully bridged cultural gaps

What's in store? 🔸 Deep dive into our Training Kit 🔸 Engaging talks on mentoring successes 🔸 Premiere of inspiring role model videos 🔸 Interactive workshop on cultural integration

MyPath Newsletter # 4

We are excited to share with you the latest updates on our project "Career Planning: Inclusion of Well and/or Higher Qualified Migrant/Minority Women into Labor Market."

Project Flyer

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